We are a private corporation that specializes in non-lethal methods of managing threats. Threat Management provides educational and facilitation services for individuals, corporations and communities. Our tactics and strategies are designed to deter by projection, preemptively detect threats, and legally defend against any and all forms of violence, internal or external. Our clients are corporations, communities and individuals. We conduct Urban Survival Tactics training workshops and seminars for men, women, and children teaching them how to non-violently protect themselves.

We have mission specific training programs at public and private schools and universities. Our educational programs are derived from real world experience gained in actual situations. We have protected men, women, children, and law enforcement officers with our tactical training in Downtown Detroit for over 20 years.

Our tactical educational training system is unique to our organization and our team members must qualify before they can become trained, certified specialists.

We do not preach theoretical techniques that could work, we teach tactics that we have used in the real world force on force conflict against aggressive violent gangs. This empirical data is responsible for the evolution and composition of our training systems.

Through our patented methods of deterrence, detection, and defense, our Threat Management systems decrease the opportunity, option and need for violence, injury and death. We achieve this goal by emphasizing the importance of tactical psychology, tactical law and tactical skills. This formula allows practitioners of our system to escape, control or immobilize threats with three moves or less. Our tactics and strategies are designed for rapid assimilation and retention under stress. Preventive Threat Management system creates a non-violent outcome from situations that commonly involve violence and death, therefore significantly reducing or eliminating civil litigation or criminal prosecution.

This organization was started by an individual and will not be passed down to his family, but it will be shared with the families of the world. This approach will ensure worldwide expansion and coverage to assist the organizational objective of a safer non-violent world through Preventive Threat Management.

Our corporate and philanthropic efforts ensure long term sustainability. As an NGO that primarily focuses on community safety, corporations and governments will benefit from a more peaceful society. This approach of non-governmental reliance and simultaneously governmental benefit decreases the likelihood of governmental interference and increases the likelihood of governmental support. The Threat Management Center nucleus will include an international corporate structure, enabling the infrastructure to maintain branding and corporate protections worldwide.

The synergy of the organization is its educationally based infrastructure. It will be one commonly shared foundation. That foundation is the educational program that unites all members, in all languages. The ability to understand how to use psychology of humans, law of the land and human biomechanics to deny the opportunity for violence to occur and create a firm foundation to build human shared interactive consciousness.

This results in the paradigm shift required for humanity to replace “killosophy” and a kill culture and encourage and embrace the bridge to an anti-kill philosophy and peaceful culture.